SEMRush Alternatives For Content Marketing & SEO (2019 List)

SEMRush has been one of the famous tools for keyword research and SEO analysis.

When you are looking at keyword research from the perspective of competitor analysis, no other tool can beat SEMRush.

However, there may be a few reasons why you may not be comfortable with SEMRush and hence looking for other alternatives.

And in this post, I have mentioned five SEMRush Alternatives for you to try…

So without further ado, let’s do this!

SEMRush – Why is it so popular?

SEMRush is an excellent tool for all your needs pertaining to SEO and SEM.

It assists you in planning & strategizing for bringing quality visitors to your website or blog and also lets you effectively track your competitor’s performance.

The tool provides you access to a wide range of metrics for a higher degree of keyword analysis and it doubles up for efficient business growth as well.

The tool works as a web portal, and you do not need to download any software or anything to start using it.

Some of the salient features offered by SEMRush offers you include…

Organic Research – Organic search results are what would bring you more business prospects. If you are looking to increase the organic search traffic coming to your website, keyword research is one of the first steps you have to do.

Organic research on SEMRush is great at identifying the best-ranking keywords that have become successful for your competitors. You can also have access to the right content ideas so that you can target what the readers and visitors have been searching for.

The newly introduced ‘Keyword Magic’ tool is one of the unique concepts for finding the right keywords.

This compensates the lack of traditional keyword analysis on the main dashboard. You can even use the section for finding the long tail keywords from your seed keyword.

Competitor Analysis – This is an area that no other player can match the capabilities of SEMRush.

It was SEMRush that introduced the concept of competitor keyword analysis. This is good to save time and efforts on your part. You are targeting those keywords and content ideas that have already proved themselves.

Backlink Analysis – Google considers backlinks as one of the deciding factors when determining the ranking for your site.

This makes it necessary to take care of your backlinks and their quality for higher rankings. SEMRush offers you a solid base for backlink analysis.

The Backlink Audit tool lets you check the health of your backlinks and helps you take corrective measures for bad backlinks.

The ability to monitor the backlinks based on 30 toxic factors makes it a very useful feature.

Another worthy feature is that it lets you check the backlinks of your competitors and check if you can pitch in for any links from the sites that are linking from them.

Best SEMRush Alternatives

There are several great tools available if you are looking for alternatives to SEMRush as a combination of SEO and SEM tool.

However, for the sake of this comparison – our focus is on the Keyword research, and that is precisely why we would be focussing on this.

1. Ahrefs SEO Toolset

Ahrefs isn’t a single tool, but a combination of multiple tools specifically designed for improving your SEO performance.

One of the most popular SEO tools, it offers you specific tools for keyword research, backlinks analysis, competitor research and many more.

The tool is a complete package and offers you access to practically everything you would be interested in your SEO analysis – right from backlink analysis to keyword research to competitor analysis.

Leaving aside other factors that the tool provides you, the keyword research tool provided by the software is unique in its own right.

Here are a few critical aspects that you may be interested in –

Keyword Analysis – Ahrefs is considered to be one of the best and accurate keyword research tools. It offers you access to several parameters like Keyword difficulty, Monthly average search volume, Clicks, Global search volume, CPS (clicks per search), and Keyword ideas to name just a few.

Keywords are marked on a score of 0 to 100 to provide you with an insight into the difficulty they have.

You also have access to complete keyword research including long tail keywords and related keyword searches. The keyword research tool provides you with several filters like phrase match, having the same terms, autosuggest and the also rank features.

Content Explorer – The content explorer on Ahrefs lets you find the most shared content and thus enables you to come up with the content ideas in tune with the search patterns over the internet.

The tool also lets you know more about which type of content has been ranking. If you are looking for the best content in a genre, a look at the competitor pages that are ranking will give you a better insight into creating content that indeed lives up to the competition.

Social Shares provides you access to the top shared content on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can even check the organic search traffic that each of the top pages is getting.

Also, you can also check out the referring domains pointing to the top pages.  

Site Explorer – You can get hands-on information on practically every site you are interested in.

The complete in-depth details shared about the competitor sites can be quite useful arriving at the best analysis for your content strategies.

You can check the backlink profile and the organic search traffic that the site can achieve. This can be helpful in arriving at the right kind of strategy for business growth.

You can even use the site explorer to take an audit of your site as well. This can help make the right choice of keywords and find what has been lacking on your site.

The Pros

  • Best in class crawler
  • One of the favorite keyword research tools and widely used and vouched by experts
  • Site audit and site explorer tool let you check and undertake a constant site monitoring activity.

The Cons

  • It may not be good for competitor analysis and SEM
  • Quite expensive and does not offer any free plan. The free trial available for seven days is also chargeable at $7.

2. SEO PowerSuite

The second on our list of the best SEMRush alternatives is SEO PowerSuite.

Some of the exceptional features offered by the tool include keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits, and rank tracker.

There is one big difference between SEMRush and SEO PowerSuite, and the difference lies in the latter being a downloadable application.

The service offers you multiple tools within one single package.

And the tool available are Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor and Link Assistant.

We will concisely analyze them below…

Rank Tracker – The Rank Tracker lets you find the ranking that your site enjoys on multiple search engines.

You can even check each of your keywords and their ranking details. The details available include ranking data, keyword research, ranking reports, and scheduled tasks among others.

The service works with over 300 different search engines and helps you find your site ranking on all of them.

There is an option to check the rankings for up to ten sites in one instance. This is very useful as you can track the performance of your site and your competitor’s sites as well.

You can even opt for Auto Tracking so that the site(s) can be continuously monitored for ranking.

Website Auditor – This is similar to the Site Audit tool in SEMRush. You can use this tool for the on-site SEO performance and complete site auditing.

The segment can be a great resource if you are looking to take up an analysis of the total health of your website and content optimisation. You can even check the crawling and indexing issues with the site if any.

This can also help you detect and report the broken or damaged links, titles and descriptions, internal links and any issues with the HTML codes.

You can take care of your social profiles as well. In essence, this tool aids you in taking care of the site and managing it properly.

SEO SpyGlass – This tool assists you to check the status and health of your backlinks. Check if you have any toxic backlinks that may be dangerous for the site. You can use it to check all the backlinks and perform the much needed anti penalty exercises.

The tool provides you with a complete report on the backlinks on your site. While you can check where the backlinks come from, you may even find the number of unique IPs as well.

The Pros

  • Access to four special tools in one single package makes it one of the comprehensive tools.
  • The tool does not come with recurring charges. You buy the software once, and it is yours forever.
  • You can be assured of a powerful technical support mechanism.

The Cons

  • It is a desktop application and does not have a web portal. If you want to use it on multiple machines, you will need to buy it separately for each of them.
  • The tool may be a little resource hungry and make your device run a little slower.

3. SerpStat

Serpstat is one of the excellent alternatives to SEMRush.

It can handle a host of tasks related to SEO like competitor analysis, keyword research, position tracking, site audit and backlink research.

You have access to multiple functions like SEO, PPC and content marketing to name just a few. It doubles up as an all in one tool for practically all your SEO analysis in an easy to use and simple interface.

Some of the features I loved about this SEO tool are –

Backlink Audit –The site audit provides you with an input into the health and functioning of your backlinks. While it helps you with backlink audit, the tool can also double up as a great tool for finding information about your lost backlinks.

It offers you a section named Lost backlinks so that you can check your lost backlinks along with the complete information like linking URLs, acceptor URLs, anchors, and link type.

The service checks the status the health of your backlinks against a wide range of metrics that include index pages, referring pages, internal links, referring subnets, linked domains and pages, Trust Rank and Page Rank.

The site audit can also undertake detection of the excessive range of 301 redirects, site loading issues, and duplication of content if any.

Keyword research –While the keyword research tool is good in Serpstat, what makes it a better choice than SEMRush is its ability to provide a vast number of LSI keywords.

The keyword research tool also provides you with complete information about your keywords including search volume, CPC and PPC competition.

The keyword research can also help find competitor keywords as well. SerpStat offers you a comprehensive competitor analysis at par with SEMRush. You can even see the complete information about analysis of competitor domains, visibility of the keywords and their trends, keyword mapping of the competitors.

Rank Tracking – The rank tracking is best in the Serpstat. It will help you track and monitor the SERP ranking of your site. The service can even compare your ranking performance with the rankings of your competitor as well.

Make sure you are creating a new project before beginning to track your ranking. You will need to configure the region for which you want to track your SERP rankings and supplement it with the keywords that you want to track the performance.

The Pros

  • It is an excellent tool for finding the most profitable long tail keywords.
  • The ability to find the trending keywords can be another advantage and thus help you create content centered around the trending keywords.
  • The best tool for effective competitor analysis.

The Cons

  • The keyword metrics may not be accurate

4. KWFinder

KWFinder is a part of the Mangools SEO tools.

The complete set comes with SERPWatcher, SERP checker, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler.

The KWFinder tool does not need you to download any software on your system and offers you a very clean interface with main focus on required things only.

The simple and easy to use dashboard and interface are what impressed me at the first look. So, here is a tool that gets the work done without being superficial or flashy.

Each of the keywords you enter into the system come with keyword suggestions, autocomplete and questions format keyword recommendations.

Website owners consider it a great tool for finding the long tail keywords. The keywords are displayed with a host of metrics like CPC, keyword difficulty and search volume.

The AutoComplete on the KWFinder is a perfect tool for finding the long tail keywords.

You just need to enter your primary keyword when in the Autocomplete page and you will get a whopping number of long tail keywords.

The Questions format is good if you are looking for the questions format of the keywords. The tool makes use of the Google Autocomplete to offer you suggestions and inputs.

What makes it an excellent competitor to SEMRush? Here are a few features that make it a worthy option…

Easier identification of keyword difficulty – The tool uses colour coding to identify the right kind of keywords to target. The level of difficulty can be detected for each of the keywords you input into the search field.

This chart should provide you with a clear idea of how to read the difficulty level of the keywords entered into the system.

Keyword Import – If you have a set of keywords, KWFinder can help you import them into the software for a better analysis.

You can import your keywords either manually, or drag and drop them or even create a text file with the keywords and import the file.

The import feature is quite impressive as you will be able to test and analyze all your target keywords without having to type them one by one.

The Pros

  • The availability of the free plan makes it an affordable option.
  • The monthly subscription is quite affordable.
  • The simple user interface is best suited for the newbies.

The Cons

  • The search volume shown may be inaccurate many times.
  • Some of the keyword suggestions offered can be completely unrelated.
  • Keyword are capped based on the plan you choose.

5. Moz

Moz is perhaps the industry’s leading SEO tool with both free and paid subscription available.

In addition to the keyword analysis, it can also be helpful for link analysis, page optimization, and other essential SEO techniques.

Moz is ideal for on-page optimization and the Pro version of the software excels with its techniques and features.

You just need to enter the keyword, and it analyses the statistics of the page. You also get access to the actual URLs for which the keyword is ranking.

The Moz software also generates a page score and the page scores are typically scored on a scale of 0 to 100. If your page is not optimized poorly, you will get a lower score along with the suggestions for improving the score further.

A few features worth the mentioning can be…

Industry’s best Site Audit feature – It comes with Site Crawl and provides you with an insight into the SEO issues that your site may be suffering with. The site audit lets you detect the issues and fix them right away.

The tool works with varied parameters like duplicate content and titles, server redirects, errors in the title tag or URL, meta descriptions, and pages that are blocked.

You will also be able to crawl the competitor websites and provide your input into competitor analysis so that you will be able to implement the new strategies.

Keyword Explorer –The keyword research on Moz can help you look for the keywords of your choice with access to metrics like search volume, difficulty and opportunity rate.

You can also have access to the SERP analysis and a huge list of keyword suggestion. One of the features that makes it a great performer is the unique metric it offers you – the opportunity rate. It refers to the estimated click-through rate that your seed keyword can achieve.

The tool is developed and designed by the SEO experts, and thus you get exactly what an SEO expert looks ahead to.

However, recently the tool has been moving more towards inbound marketing than SEO.

The Pros

  • Using one of the most powerful crawl engines, the software can assist you in tracking the keyword rankings efficiently.
  • Better page optimisation capabilities available on the Moz Pro subscription.
  • A robust site audit functioning.
  • It provides you access to the best link building tool.

The Cons

  • The features can be a little overwhelming for new users.
  • The complete set can be a little expensive.

The Concluding Thoughts

That was a list of the best SEMRush alternatives you can give a thought to. I have made it a point to include the SEO tools that combine multiple feature sets.

In addition to offering an excellent keyword research application, the tools featured in this compilation double up as extensive SEO tools for all your requirements in taking care of your website and its performance.

Most of them offer you a free plan worth the attempt except Ahrefs. Choose the one that best meets your expectation and reap the benefits of powerful and robust keyword research.

Have Questions? Ask Me Anything About SEMRush Alternatives in the comments or contact me directly.

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