Ahrefs Alternatives: Both Free & Paid Options (2019 Updated)

Are you an online marketer looking to make the most out of your content? A good Marketing toolset is required to carry out the necessary research and prepare strategies.

Tools like Ahrefs can help you with keyword research, it could help you with things like backlinking and SEO analysis. Well, speaking of the best keyword tools available in the market nowadays, Ahrefs Research Tool always stands unbeatable.

However, its pricing may not suit everyone’s pockets. But hey, don’t worry! If you are someone who finds it prohibitively expensive, here are a few alternatives to Ahrefs that offer you almost similar functionality.

Ahrefs – What is it made of?

Before we dive into finding the best free alternatives to Ahrefs, we thought that it would be a good idea to understand Ahrefs in minute details.

Ahrefs is an inclusionary bundled tool.

It offers you practically everything that you would need in an SEO toolset.

However, it is a little complicated, and necessarily not everyone might be happy with the level of expertise required to use it.

Leaving that apart, the features available on the platform are just beyond comparison.

It is one of the most famous tools available in the market today and you do not need any additional tool for Content Marketing or SEO needs if you are using Ahrefs.

Some of the features available on the platform include position tracking, keyword research, competition analysis, SEO audit, backlink analysis, and a host of other features.

Some worth mentioning are as follows–

Content enhancement – The most critical aspect of the content marketing genre is the need for consistent content ideas.

Ahrefs assists you in finding the trending topics and content ideas that should work. You can find all popular content ideas based on performance metrics.

What’s more – all these content ideas are linked to existing trending articles.

Backlink Analysis – Ahrefs comes with a robust crawling mechanism.

This will help you get access to the backlinks that work and the ones you should avoid. It also shares information about the mentions that your site has received all over the web.

Competitor research – The ‘Site Explorer’ section lets you check your competitor’s performance about the strategies and keywords that are working for them.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

It helps a lot in planning your approach wisely.

Now, the question that arise is, why should one look out for alternatives?

Well, there are a handful things about Ahrefs that a couple of users (and the number is growing) are not happy with. Some of them are –

High pricing – The toolset is highly competitive and has a vast amount of functional areas. But, the price is exorbitantly high. If you are someone who is making a debut in content marketing, blogging or SEO, it would not be the right choice for your needs.

Inaccessible Graphs – While the tool comes with graphs, they cannot be exported. In many cases, you need the graphs for clear planning of a strategy in consultation with your team. Running short with options of allocation and exporting turns out to be a huge drawback.

Ease of use –Ahrefs is a capable tool, but not the easiest one. It is quite complicated and involves a steeper learning curve. The interface and the feature set can be a little daunting for some of the users.

Having understood what Ahrefs contains and why some of us are looking for its alternatives, let us now move to find the best alternatives to Ahrefs.

Best Ahrefs Alternatives you have to try Today

If you are looking for a capable SEO toolset or an efficient keyword research tool, there are many options available.

Since we are more focused on keyword research and an alternative to Ahrefs, we will need to keep an eye on software that provides almost similar features as on Ahrefs with a focus on keyword research.

So, here are top alternatives for Ahrefs for you…

Cost per MonthKeyword ResearchBacklink CheckerContent ExplorerSEO AuditRank TrackerFree Plan
SEO Powersuite$299*

*one time payment only.

1. SEMRush

SEMRush as an alternative to Ahrefs

SEMRush was perhaps the first SEO tool that introduced the concept of competitor analysis in SEO.

While the traditional method of keyword research involved finding keywords based on your master keyword or seed keyword, SEMRush, on the other hand, takes it to the next level with reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering in keyword analysis refers to finding the best keywords that are ranking good for your competitor sites.

This will help you invest your time and money in something that has already proved itself.

Of course, the success of a particular keyword is dependent upon different parameters and thus what works for the competitor site may or may not work for your site.

However, it gives you a competitive edge over others.

SEMRush provides you access to almost all the features you have been using with Ahrefs. Right from competitor analysis to keyword research to backlinks – you have access to nearly all critical factors that need to be analysed for a successful SEO campaign.

What are the best features that this tool offers you?

Here stands our best picks –

SEMRush Features

Competitor Analysis – This is what SEMRush was initially launched for.

It is ideally a competitor research tool and perhaps it handles this functionality with great ease. It compares your domain with the competing domains in your niche and provides you access to a wide range of options in looking for targeted keywords and other essential SEO strategies.

Brand Analysis – SEMRush also provides you access to an analysis of your site.

A complete review and details of your organic keywords, organic traffic, ads, position tracking visibility, site audit, SEO ideas, social media tools tracker, and brand monitoring are displayed on the dashboard.

This will provide you access to a complete overview of the site and corrective actions. (if needed to be undertaken).

Content Analysis – Search traffic is an essential element for the success of your blog or site. SEMRush lets you analyse the competitor website for the content and optimisation techniques opted. This can help you in developing your strategy to outplay them.

Keyword Magic Tool – This is an exceptional new addition to this toolset and aims to work towards helping you out with the traditional keyword research.

It helps in finding the best ranking long tail keywords or related keywords in an easy to follow format. The keywords can be filtered through multiple factors like search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC and density.

One of the features that makes it a great free alternative to Ahrefs is that it offers you a free plan with limited features.

While Ahrefs free trial is limited to seven days and comes with a price tag of $7, SEMRush offers you a free unlimited plan with limited functionality.

Who stands unaware of the fact that every little thing in this world has its own pros and cons? So, let’s have a quick look at it.

The Pros

  • You have a limited access free plan unlike Ahrefs
  • The best tool if you are into competitor analysis.
  • Offers you a complete amalgamation of both sitemap and efficiently monitor the traditional and competitor analysis keyword research.

The Cons

  • The user interface is indeed entirely flashy and can be quite overwhelming.
  • A few features are still in beta.
  • It may not be a great choice if you are into the traditional format of keyword research.

2. KWFinder

KWFinder offered by Mangools

If you understand the basics and benefits of long tail keywords, KWFinder will be one of the best tools for all your SEO work.

It is undoubtedly the best for finding long tail keywords.

The easy to use functionality and user-friendly design are the two most impressive features in this tool.

You need to input your keyword into the interface, and you will find the keywords listed along with a few critical parameters. Each of the keywords is displayed with CPC, keyword difficulty and search volume.

The Autocomplete feature will help you find the best long tail keywords.

Also, you will also have access to popular articles with these keywords.

The ‘Questions’ will offer you a similar feature equivalent to long tail keywords or the Autocomplete feature but shows the question format for the suggested keywords.

KWFinder forms part of the complete Mangools Suite, and it also includes a host of other SEO tools like SERP checker, SERP Watcher, Site Profiler and Link Miner.

SERP checker is the Google SERP and SEO analysis tool. It lets you check over 40 different metrics.

SERP Watcher is a ranking tool. You will find it quite useful for tracking keywords.

LinkMiner, as the name itself should be indicative, is a backlink analysis tool. You can use the software to find the links that point to your website. LinkMiner is useful to analyse the backlinks and prepare an SEO strategy accordingly.

Some of the features provided by the KWFinder are as follows…

Traditional Keyword research – KWFinder is an excellent choice for choosing the relevant keywords based on the seed/primary keyword.

You get a considerable list of keyword suggestions with all the relevant metrics like monthly search volumes, CPC, keyword competitiveness and there are several useful filters available to refine your keyword lists a well.

Easy detection of keyword difficulty – This is one of the best features of the tool.

You can find out the complexity of keywords entered by you for ranking for the keyword on search engines. This is an essential feature as the data can be used to selectively choose and not put efforts into hyper-competitive keywords which may take too much attempts to get success.

SEO keywords difficulty by KWFinder

Above chart provides you with better information into the keyword difficulty level and the specific suggestions based on the status.

The colour coding is something that is intuitive enough to understand the usefulness of the keywords.

Some other features of KWFinder are…

  • Find hidden long tail keywords
  • Organize keywords with keyword lists
  • Keyword Planner alternative
  • Import keywords in bulk
  • Filter keywords that aren’t profitable
  • Localized results for local keywords
  • Search volume and keyword metrics
  • SERP analysis and SEO metrics

The Pros

  • KWFinder offers a free starter plan for every account (5 keyword lookups per 24 hours, 50 keyword suggestions per and 100 backlinks per 24 hours).
  • The plans are also quite affordable in case you are looking to go with the monthly subscriptions.
  • An easy and simple user interface.
  • It provides the best insight into the keyword difficulty levels.

The Cons

  • The results displayed have specific capping based on the plan opted by you.

3. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite

SEO Power Suite is excellent for improving your keyword research efficiency and take it to the next level with enhanced performance.

Before we move on to explain the best features of this tool, it is important to note that this tool works as a standalone tool than working as a web-based option.

The software is available in the form of a downloadable application and accessible on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The tool currently boasts of around 500K users globally and it works in close contact with most of the search engines.

The software offers you essentially four features – Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor and Link Assistant.

Hey wait! Are you trying to figure out what does the above four mentioned terms mean? Don’t worry, I’m here!

Here you go…

Rank Tracker – Rank Tracker assists you to track the rank position that your site enjoys with different search engines.

Rank tracker by SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker is a great tool and works efficiently with over 327 search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While it is great to find your ranking, it also lets you monitor ten websites in one go.

It can be a great tool to analyse the ranking position of your competitor sites as well. You can either use it for tracking your site instantly, or opt for Auto Tracking so that you can keep monitoring it regularly.

While the Rank tracker helps track search engine positions, it can also help let you find profitable and useful keywords.

You can integrate it with other tools like include Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Discovery tool, and SEMRush. You can even export the reports to get the graphical representations.

SEO SpyGlass – This is yet another powerful tool that lets you undertake backlink analysis of your site.

SEO SpyGlass by SEO PowerSuite

In addition to letting you know of the backlinks and where they come from, you can also check out the amount of the unique IPs.

You can have a good look into the links to your site and their quality. It is best for an efficient link building strategy.

Website Auditor – Akin to the ‘Site Audit’ feature on Ahrefs or SEMRush, the tool checks the health of your site.

It can detect and report broken links, HTML codes, titles, descriptions and internal links. It can help you keep a track of the sitemap and efficiently monitor the effectiveness of your social profiles.

Link Assistance – This tool is great for link building strategies.

Link Assistance by SEO PowerSuite

It provides you with complete information from authority links to the competitor sites. It can also be used in finding the right authority websites that can backlink to you and can help improve your traffic to a greater extent.

It can also monitor all your backlinks and provide suggestions on whether a particular backlink is useful for your site or not.

You can sign up for a free account for all the SEO power Suite features. The plan has a lifetime validity with access to all features with the only limitation that you cannot save your project history.

What makes it completely different from the rest of the tools is that it offers you an unlimited number of websites and keyword searches.

But this software too has it own pros and cons

The Pros

  • The tool is quite simple to use.
  • It is a power packed for all your SEO related tasks
  • Only one time purchase required. There are no recurring charges.
  • Excellent technical support.

The Cons

  • It can only run on one machine as it works as a standalone application. You will need additional licenses to use it on multiple sites.
  • It may make your computer run a little slower.

4. Serpstat

This is yet another keyword research tool that comes with a freemium model.

Serpstat is considered best among the top three SEO tools… as it offers you almost all the similar features that every other tool mentioned in this article do.


The ‘Overview’ section offers you multiple features and search options to zero in on the right keyword.

Serpstat keywords overview tab

Some of the elements included are as follows…

SEO Research – This section provides you with insights into the best possible keywords. It also provides you with complete info on the related keywords and long tail keywords.

You get access to a wide range of features like top pages, competitor keywords and search suggestions.

The ‘Top Pages’ section provides you with the list of the pages that are doing well with the seed keyword. This can perhaps provide you with an input into the best topic ideas.

Competitor Analysis – In addition to the traditional keyword analysis, Serpstat also offers you an insight into the competitor performance analysis for the search keyword.

In addition to providing you information on the keywords ranking for your competitors, it also gives you access to the common keywords related to your query. You can also look for the domain visibility score.

Backlink Analysis – In addition to the backlink analysis, Serpstat also lets you undertake Site Audit. It can help you check the status and quality of your backlinks.

Some of the metrics you can check out with the backlink analysis tool include index pages, referring pages, linked domains and paged, internal links, referring subnets, Trust Rank and Page Rank.

The site audit feature lets you have complete access to the health of your site. You can give you access to the meta tags and other headline issues. It can even take care of issues like loading speed. You will also have access to suggestions to address the concerns if any.

Rank Tracking – The rank tracker will help you monitor the ranking of your website for the chosen keywords.

You can monitor and track your SERP ranking. You can even compare the ranks of your site with that of a competitor. Before you can begin monitoring your site, you need to create the project with your keywords and region for which you want to track them.

The free trial is available with 30 searches per month. If you have any needs for more than that, you will need to opt for a subscription plan of your choice.

The Pros

  • Serpstat provides you access to a free plan with limited features
  • Navigation and using the tool is quite simple and easy to follow.
  • In addition to keyword research, the tool provides access to a better insight into other SERP analysis.

The Cons

  • The keyword difficulty metric is entirely different from other competing tools.

5. Moz

Moz is one of the highest rated and strongest competitor to Ahrefs. Some of the best features that the tool comes with include domain authority and page rankings finder.


Moz as a keyword research tool provides you access to Keyword Explorer, Open site explorer, Ranking and some other optimisation tools such as Mozscape API and MOZ Local.

In fact, in addition to being a great keyword research tool, it also doubles up as a useful overall SEO tool as well.

Some of the features worthy of attention include –

Open Site Explorer (Link Explorer) – The service offers a huge index size and offers you the search results for the best in the class link analysis tool. It can be one of the formidable choices for extensive backlink analysis.

Link Explorer by MOZ

In addition to listing all the backlinks appearing to your website, it also provides you information on the no-follow tags, spam score and other essential elements into the best possible manner.

Apart from checking the backlink profile of your site, you can even spy on your competitors’ backlink strategy.

Keyword Explorer – This is a good tool for keyword research.

Keyword Explorer by MOZ

This tool provides you with complete access to all the essential metrics like search volume, difficulty and opportunity rate.

The opportunity rate refers to the estimated click-through rate that the keyword can achieve. The keyword explorer provides you access to a considerable list of keyword suggestions and a SERP analysis.

The page optimisation and rank tracking tools are available only with the Pro subscription. It offers different access to 27 different on-page factors.

The Organic CTR metric is very useful nowadays as even keywords with heavy search volume are not getting any clicks as Google knowledge panels are giving all the information directly to users.

MOZ blog is also one of the best resources for learning about SEO and overall marketing.

In essence, Moz should be one of the formidable alternatives to Ahrefs and provides you access to the best SEO learning and analysis at the same time.

The Pros

  • It has one of the most prominent crawl engines.
  • The open site explorer is an excellent tool for monitoring your backlink performance.
  • The keyword research tool provides you with access to the best competition scores and keywords.

The Cons

  • The usage and features may not be sufficient for advanced or pro SEO experts

The Concluding Thoughts

We have covered almost all the best alternatives to Ahrefs available in the market. Most of them are paid ones but do have a free option – either a limited period free trial or with limitations on features accessible.

Each of the tools has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. You can try out all the alternatives suggested in this article and choose the one which suits your requirements.

Have Questions? Ask Me Anything About Ahrefs Alternatives in the comments or contact me directly.

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